How many SALES are you losing?

How much REVENUE are you losing?

If the PRICE of your product or service ISN'T RIGHT, the answer is ... you're losing PLENTY!

So, WHICH ONE of these IS the right price?

  • So low it will smash the competition!
  • Same price as our best competitor
  • The price yielding the best profit margin right now
  • The best price to 'psych out' the purchaser
  • An 'introductory price' that will get noticed immediately
  • A 'discount' price for loyal returning customers
  • A 'Premium' price (after all, we're offering superb quality!)
  • "Buy one at full price, get one at 50 % off"
  • Whatever 'price the market will bear'
FACT: Every one of these COULD be EXACTLY the right price for your product or service at some point in its marketing life, or under some set of market conditions you're suddenly forced to deal with!

Fellow Entrepreneur,

The truth is: There is NO FORMULA for correct price! There, I've said it.

For most products, and even many services, you simply cannot use one price throughout the entire marketing life of your offering. Conditions in the marketplace, and even within your own business, simply change too fast. And, you cannot afford to GUESS what price will work today!

What DOES work is for marketers to understand time-tested principles of successful product pricing. You can't get the right price by guessing; but these principles, once learned, will guide you to the right strategy for the current best pricing of your offering. What you learn from this book will enable you to balance the impact of market conditions, competitor's pricing, newness to the market, perceived value, and a host of other real-life variables - the factors that REALLY matter when it comes to setting the RIGHT price.

In my new 30+ page handbook (downloadable PDF format), Precision Pricing - The Best Strategies for Pricing your Product or Service Competitively, you'll see how to select and apply these pricing strategies for every product or service you offer, at any point in your marketing life cycle, under a wide range of market conditions.

What's here? Have a look at the table of contents:

  1. Pricing: All You Need To Know
  2. Working With Price Sensitive Buyers
  3. How To Achieve "Winning Price"
  4. Pricing According To the Type Of Product
  5. Pricing Strategies That Improve Profit
  6. Price Skimming As a Pricing Strategy
  7. Is Psychological Pricing an Effective Strategy?
  8. Market Penetration Pricing
  9. Promotional Pricing
  10. Competitive Pricing
  11. Offering Discounts As Part of Your Pricing Strategy
  12. Alternative Pricing Strategies
  13. Re-Pricing Techniques To Increase the Appeal of Your Offering
  14. Value Based Pricing
  15. How Do You Know Your Price Is Right?
  16. Index

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