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CYCLODYNETM aircraft powerplants
      will meet or exceed the competition -

  1. Design -

    • NO massive rotating shaft
    • NO internal high-speed bearings or other moving parts
    • NO engine oil or other fluids needed
    • NO vibration due to out-of-balance conditions
    • NO turbine or compressor vanes to throw
    • NO mechanical torque under any conditions
    • NO mechanical wear on internal parts, for highest reliability
    • Lower total engine parts count than any reciprocating or turbojet engine
    • Lower total engine weight than any reciprocating or turbojet engine in the same thrust class

  2. Performance -

    • Higher thrust-to-weight ratio at flight speed than any reciprocating or turbojet engine
    • Thrust and efficiency INCREASE with airspeed after takeoff
    • Lean burning and low fuel consumption after takeoff
    • Zero engine oil consumption
    • Vibration-free operation at all power settings

  3. Maintenance -

    • All regular maintenance performed from the outside - normally, NO stripdown required!
    • Simplest regular / annual maintenance of any general aviation power plant design

  4. Safety / Reliability -

    • High immunity to intake icing
    • High immunity to collision damage by inhaled objects
    • Fully redundant electrically driven dual ignition
    • No wear failures of high-speed bearings or other components, EVER!
    • No engine vibration, regardless of power setting
    • Cool running outer shell at all speeds & power settings

    The CYCLODYNETM general aviation powerplant
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