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Cottrill Cyclodyne Corporation submitted an SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) Grant Phase I Proposal on June 7, 2001. Submittal was by email, backed up by surface mail of a complete copy, as required by NASA.
The following is the exact text of Pages 1 and 2 of our SBIR Grant Proposal, as submitted to NASA on June 7, 2001. There is no proprietary information contained on these pages:

NASA SBIR 2001-1 Solicitation


PROPOSAL NUMBER: A4.02-9234 (For NASA Use Only - Chron: 012765 )
SUBTOPIC TITLE: Small Aircraft Transportation System Propulsion Technologies
PROPOSAL TITLE: Powerplant Which Transitions Automatically to Ramjet Operation
FIRM NAME: Cottrill Cyclodyne Corporation
MAILING ADDRESS: 11905 NE 110th Avenue
CITY/STATE/ZIP: Mingo, IA, 50168 - 9500
PHONE: (xxx) xxx-xxxx FAX: (. . .) . . .
EIN/TAX ID: xx-xxxxxxx DUNS + 4:   -   CAGE Code:  


As defined in Section 1 of the Solicitation, the offeror:
  (a) Eligibility of the Principal Investigator Yes
As defined in Section 2 of the Solicitation, the offeror qualifies as a:
  (b) Small business concern (SBC) Yes
       Number of Employees: 1  
  (c) Socially and economically disadvantaged SBC No
  (d) Woman-owned SBC No
As described in Section 3 of the Solicitation, the offeror meets the following requirements completely:
  (e) All eleven parts of the technical proposal included in part order Yes
  (f) Subcontracts/consultants proposed? Yes
      i) If yes, limits on subcontracts/consultants met Yes
      ii) If yes, copy of agreement enclosed Yes
  (g) Government equipment or facilities required? No
      i) If yes, signed statement enclosed in Part 8  

ACN Name: Larry Cottrill   ACN E-mail: larrycottrill@ . . .   .com
ENDORSEMENTS: Principal Investigator: Corporate/Business Official:
Typed Name Larry Cottrill Larry Cottrill
Title Principal Investigator Director of Product Development
Phone (xxx) xxx-xxxx (xxx) xxx-xxxx
E-mail larrycottrill@ . . .   .com larrycottrill@ . . .   .com
Endorsed Online by _______________________ _______________________
Signature _______________________ _______________________
Date _______________________ _______________________

PROPRIETARY NOTICE (If Applicable, See Sections 5.4 & 5.5)
NOTICE: For any purpose other than to evaluate the proposal, this data shall not be disclosed outside the Government and shall not be duplicated, used, or disclosed in whole or in part, provided that, if a funding agreement is awarded to this proposer as a result of or in connection with the submission of these data, the Government shall have the right to duplicate, use, or disclose the data to the extent provided in the funding agreement. This restriction does not limit the Government's right to use information contained in the data if it is obtained from another source without restriction. The data subject to this restriction are contained in pages     3 - 24     of this proposal.
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NASA SBIR 2001-1 Solicitation


PROPOSAL #: A4.02-9234 (For NASA Use Only - Chron: 012765 )
PROPOSAL TITLE: Powerplant Which Transitions Automatically to Ramjet Operation

Cottrill Cyclodyne Corporation's 'Cyclodyne' powerplant design combines an efficient ramjet design with a simple static-running concept, and provides a gradual transition from static-running operational mode to a reasonably efficient subsonic ramjet mode as forward velocity is increased over a practically attainable range. High affordability is a primary claim; a reasonable goal is total cost of ownership reduced to half that of equivalent turbocompressor designs, over the life of the engine. Other claims of interest are:
(1) complete absence of internal moving parts for powerplant operation;
(2) complete absence of pumped lubricants;
(3) extremely low cost to manufacture, due to absence of any high speed balancing and high-precision machining requirements, overall mechanical simplicity, and no structural use of exotic materials;
(4) extremely low ongoing maintenance, due to overall mechanical simplicity;
(5) very low engine weight and high thrust-to-weight ratio (at normal flight speeds);
(6) practically instantaneous power output response to throttle changes;
(7) efficient operation with a wide variety of cheap liquid fuels and, eventually, the possibility of the use of pure gaseous hydrogen as a non-polluting alternative fuel.

Potential commercial applications of Cottrill Cyclodyne Corporation's 'Cyclodyne' powerplant design include, but are not limited to:
(1) Full-scale experimental aircraft builders (probably the best first choice for rapid penetration of an existing market);
(2) Private civil aviation (high potential impact on industry revitilization);
(3) Small commercial civil aviation - business jet craft, etc.;
(4) Airline transport civil aviation (with major upward re-scaling of the design);
(5) Military aviation, including combat aircraft (with major re-scaling);
(6) Unmanned flight programs - target drones, surveillance, weather research, etc.;
(7) Scale and speed model aircraft hobbyists (with downward re-scaling - reduction in thermal efficiency is to be expected);
(8) Non-aviation and non-vehicular uses - turbine drives, pelletized solid fuel combustors, etc. (with ramjet section omitted, static-running section should be at least as efficient as commonly used combustor types).

NAME AND ADDRESS OF PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (Name, Organization Name, Mail Address, City/State/Zip)
Larry Cottrill
Cottrill Cyclodyne Corporation
11905 NE 110th Ave.
Mingo , IA   50168 - 9500

NAME AND ADDRESS OF OFFEROR (Firm Name, Mail Address, City/State/Zip)
Cottrill Cyclodyne Corporation
11905 NE 110th Ave.
Mingo , IA   50168 - 9500

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  Larry Cottrill describing continuous-combustion operation of the Cyclodyne(TM) engine - Photo Copyright 2003 Cottrill Cyclodyne Corporation
  Larry Cottrill describing the continuous-combustion operation of the Cyclodyne(TM) engine [NOTE: No proprietary or patentable design elements are illustrated in this photo]
Photo Copyright 2003 Cottrill Cyclodyne Corporation

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The CYCLODYNETM general aviation powerplant
         - now under development by

Corporate Main Office
11905 NE 110th Ave
Mingo,    IA 50168-9500


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